Recycling: Aren’t YOU producing paper yet?! Then, we are going to YOU!

Every year people use more and more paper. However, cutting the forests is as simple as reusing paper. But, what do WE usually do with package? Throw out.

On the 30th of October a part of our eco-team had an excellent opportunity to show not only their skills at talking about the climate’s change, global warming, extinction plants and animals etc. but, in fact, skills at producing real paper!

Three students from the Young Master Program team under the direction of Stanislav Suprunenko (our project coordinator) and Anna Tarantsova (environmental manager from Tetra Pak Company) arrived at Kiev Pechersk International School, and, having got acquainted with their children’s audience, started the ecological lesson.

 The students absolutely proved to be well-informed about ecological questions, so we found it extremely interesting to work with them, and, after some pieces of information about the importance of recycling, started the process of making paper itself.

First, we drank dry the juice our partner from Tetra Pak brought, then flattened the packaging and started to cut them into pieces.

Second, we covered the cut paper with water, and poured out the mass into blender.

After having mixed paper pieces with water, we poured it into the sieve and dried up.

Next, residuary turbid water was spilled through the gauze and the left dirt (like children determined it) on the cloth was also dried up.

To the last degree students didn’t believe we would get real paper. But, undoubtedly, it was the only their mistake.

So, as you see, producing paper is not so difficult rather than fascinating. Both our team and students enjoyed the ecological lesson and learned how entertaining may be the way of helping our planet. And, if YOU still don’t know how to save our forests by producing paper yourself, apply to us!

 Ksyusha Zinchenko, YMP student 2008/2009