Our team in KLIMATTING ETT, Lund Sweden.

On 13-15 of November, the klimatting ETT took place in a beautiful city of Lund. More than 200 people all around the world came to do something about climate change. The main purpose was to bring the voice of Youth to COP 15. Since KLIMATTING ETT was united with one of Lund Youth Council’s meetings, about a hundred of the participants were youth from Lund.

During the conference, the participants worked together to produce a common message, to be distributed to participants and negotiators at the COP15 meeting in Copenhagen. So we worked on three tracks (global, local and individual). A lot of ideas were worked out, but only three, one from each track, were chosen through the participants voting. From local track we chosen the project ”the plastic bag kills” and from global track we chose project about world environmental bank, that account 2% of GDP. The commitment at KLIMATTING ETT was hard to miss, but between the serious discussions there were also time to listen to concerts, including Emil Jensen and Ellen Oredsson. Theatre Barbara kept high class and their climate play “Freeze” was much appreciated. The young delegates could also make refreshing ecological smoothies with a bicycle-powered blender from the Moss Garden.

The messages and the results were presented on Sunday 15th to local politicians: Mats Helmfrid, Mayor and Chairman of the City Executive Board, Karin Loodberg, Head of Environmental Strategy Department, Håkan Samuelsson, Coordinator for Lund’s cooperation with Sweden’s Climate Municipalities, Tomas Björnsson, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and Climate Network, and Dimitra Papoudimitriou, Caretakers of the Environment International (CEI), Greece.

Maksim Budiaev, YMP student

Photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/ecoinitiative.org.ua/OurTeamInKLIMATTINGETTLundSweden#