Within the international conference Klimatting ETT on 16th of November 2009, our YMP team visited office of Young Master Program in International Industrial Institute of Environmental Economics (IIIEE), Lund, Sweden.

We had a very interesting meeting with our wonderful YMP coordinators: Paola Mendoza and Elisabeth Knöppel.

The atmosphere of meeting was very warm and cozy, we were very glad to meet our coordinators, who helped and cared about us all these time.

Also we spoke with professors of IIIEE and were inspired to enter the Institute for Environmental Management Educational Programs as undergraduate and postgraduate students. We also undertook an excursion in the educational center of the institute and had a chance to feel the spirit of educational process.

Therefore we also would like to encourage all our YMP students to continue their education in international scale and to be not afraid of applying for the international education programs. We are sure that successful participation in Young Master Program provides significant benefits and advantages in educational process.

We are looking forward for next meetings and are very glad to keep our friendship :-).

Photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/ecoinitiative.org.ua/YMPParticipantsInLUND#